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May 23 2017


and when Persephone was in the underworld she ate just one bite of avocado toast and so, from thence forth, was cursed to never own a home

May 22 2017

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The Jungkook Impact



You guys can enjoy your “Nasty Crimeboy” and “Decent Lawboy”…

I’ll stick to my one and only…

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May 21 2017

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May 20 2017

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My favorite MVs: Ahh Oop! - MAMAMOO, ESNA

“Every time you come a little closer
Your heartbeat gets louder pow pow pow
If this continues, you’ll get hurt
It’s a good idea for you to stay away”

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“In patriarchal culture, all males learn a role that restricts and confines. When race and class enter the picture, along with patriarchy, then black males endure the worst impositions of gendered masculine patriarchal identity.” — bell hooks

The film lays bare the corrupting and contaminating terrain of masculinity — its toxicities, its brutalities, its unrelenting banality… The depth and texture of [Chiron’s] life was stolen by the insistence of homophobia and the mask of an almost suffocating masculinity.” — LaLi Mohamed

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The Get Down Appreciation Week
Day 3: Favorite relationship → Shao & Zeke 

May 19 2017

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May 18 2017

would it kill people to make a plaid skirt longer than 39 cm

im flipping my shit like why is everything cute made for short people?? im gonna

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cool guys

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Jin being his iconic self in the Spine Breaker MV

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