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March 26 2017


I just took this quiz to find out what Shakespeare archetype i am

I got “The girl who’s always disguising herself as a boy for some reason” and im LAUGHING so hard it’s so real

March 25 2017

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March 24 2017

are you gonna pick those penne noodles out of the boiling water one by one like a man, or are you gonna use a strainer like some kind of democrat?

March 23 2017

💤sleep❔😕 We 💪 dont🙈🚫have⏳time🚫 to sleep💤 We🔥🔥Always 💪on that 👭Gay🌈 Shit👬☝

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Its been three years and WHAT DOES THIS MEAN

March 22 2017

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After 11 years of wondering if Turkish Delight is good enough to sell out my family I finally made some

so..is it?

well if i was a 10 year old in 1940 during world war ii when there was sugar rationing and i had been sent away to some stranger’s house with my siblings who (particularly the elder 2) were being real jerks and i had no idea that the seemingly kind lady offering the turkish delight was the literal embodiment of evil™ who would kill my family and myself once she no longer had any use for us then yeah i would do it








guys: fight each other all the time

girls: support each other and share hand cream

Lol no. Girls are bitches to each other more often than not. If it isn’t to your face it’s behind your back.

maybe they are mean to you only. everybody in my group is supportive and we share hand cream.

My world changed forever when I stopped looking at other women through the lenses that society had given me.

I learned how easy it is to ask a stranger for a pad.

I learned to share my lotion.

I learned how quick women are to compliment.

I learned how easy it is to make a girl smile.

I learned how to find good sales - hint: compliment an item and you learn where it was purchased and if it was on sale.

I learned how to see fear on a face across a bar.

I learned how to step in.

I learned how to ask for help with my eyes.

I learned about bathroom friendships and how deep they can feel for their short lived lives.

I learned how to signal complex thoughts and ideas through straw placement and head tilting.

I learned how to feel safe and make others feel safe.

Girls are so good.

The world is seriously a better place now that I enjoy the presence of other women. I haven’t had a single catty incident since I stopped hanging out with exclusively dudes and not-like-other-girls. 

I am like other girls and other girls are wonderful. You can never have too many sisters. 

I’m so glad I learned to love women.

Same. It changed my life. It saved me.

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12 years ago today cosmo had an idea

16 years ago!!!!!!

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I see you Velma

Dan Velma your Jinkie s

they are wearing oppisite colors

do you think???????

not only are they wearing opposite colors, theyre wearing EACH OTHERS colors. velma wears orange and daphne wears pink / purple

It honestly looks like they’re wearing each other’s nightclothing

i couldnt agree more

These lesbians

they’re dating and also fucking

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When the battle music plays, but you cant see anybody:


whoever designed the mage robes: *draws circles around boobs* in case ppl forget where they are

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let hoseok shower in peace

March 21 2017

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March 20 2017

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things that make every video game better

  • give me nice outfits to wear
  • let me be gay
  • give me a pet




how do you even lose your shadow

you forget to cherish it



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